China Sprocket & Chain # MGUS1000-5RR-RH, MGUS-R1000-5 15/16″ Bore Cam Clutch With High Quality Cheap sales price cost near me shop Custom roller size allowed

China Sprocket & Chain # MGUS1000-5RR-RH, MGUS-R1000-5 15/16

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In Competence for industrial chains and sprockets It is our daily challenge to supply our customers with the optimal product – that means optimal for the required application and for the customers’ specific requirements. In some cases it means that we actually develop and manufacture very special chain types for1particular customer. In order to be able to do so,3things are important:backstop applications where the Cam Clutch is used with continuous inner race and mid-speed overrunning, the MGUS Series Cam Clutch can be fitted with an oil reservoir creating the MGUS-R Series. The added capacity of the oil reservoir plus the integral cooling fins increases the time between service intervals, permitting the free flow of oil between the reservoir and the clutch. A clear sight gauge built into the reservoir allows real-time checking of the fluid level and the general condition of the lubrication oil.

Unit of Measure



Bore Size

5.938 in150.81 mm

Torque Capacity

24929.5 lb·ft33800.0 N·m

Max. Overrunning Inner Race

4.772 lb·ft6.47 N·m

Inner Race Overrunning [Max]

1200 rpm


Denotes right hand rotation

A (Overall Width)

12.746 in323.75 mm

B (Overall Diameter)

15.000/14.997 in381.00/380.92 mm

C (Inner Race Length)

6.630 in168.40 mm

D (Pitch Circle Diameter)

11.750 in298.45 mm

E (Cam Clutch Length)

6.500 in165.10 mm

F (Reservoir Length)

6.181 in157.00 mm

G (Chamfer)

0.065 in1.65 mm

H (Inner Race O.D.)

7.874 in200.00 mm

S (Plug Location)

1.260 in32.00 mm

H (No. of Tapped Holes)


M (Thread)


Oil Capacity

28.90 oz850 mL


116.60 kg257.055 lb

China Sprocket & Chain # MGUS1000-5RR-RH, MGUS-R1000-5 15/16

China Sprocket & Chain # MGUS1000-5RR-RH, MGUS-R1000-5 15/16

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