China Sprocket & Chain # MIUS750-2R, MIUS750-2 15/16″ Bore Cam Clutch With High Quality Cheap sales price cost near me shop Custom roller size allowed

China Sprocket & Chain # MIUS750-2R, MIUS750-2 15/16

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MIUS Firstly: innovative product engineering. We are continuously improving well-proven and established products in the areas of drive and conveyance technology or are looking for possible innovations.1example for this is the maintenance-free chain. Secondly: excellent production engineering. Our production processes are also constantly improved upon. Quite frequently effective, new products are only possible because of innovative production methods. Thirdly: competent application consulting.Series Cam Clutch units are designed for indexing applications. In this mode of operation, reciprocating motion applied to the driving race of the clutch is transformed into uni-directional intermittent motion, at the driven race. The clutch drives in the forward stroke (index) and overruns on the return stroke. In addition to torque capacity, consider the number of indexing cycles per minute. This series ships pre-lubricated with oil.

Unit of Measure



Bore Size

2.938 in74.62 mm

Bore Keyseat

3/4 x 3/8″

Torque Capacity

7006.8 lb·ft9500.0 N·m

Max. Overrunning Inner Race

30 rpm

Max. Indexing

300 cpm

Drag Torque

3.039 lb·ft4.12 N·m

A (Overall Width)

6.000 in152.40 mm

B (Overall Diameter)

8.750/8.748 in222.25/222.00 mm

C (Outer Race Width)

5.880 in149.35 mm

D (Pitch Circle Diameter)

7.000 in177.80 mm

E (Filler Plug Location)

2.940 in74.67 mm

F (Inner Race O.D.)

4.330 in110.00 mm

S (Thread Depth)

0.984 in25.00 mm

H (No. of Tapped Holes)


M (Thread)


Oil Filler Plug

M8 x P1.25

Oil Capacity

27.20 oz800 mL


81.570 lb37.000 kg

China Sprocket & Chain # MIUS750-2R, MIUS750-2 15/16

China Sprocket & Chain # MIUS750-2R, MIUS750-2 15/16

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